Open a Hub

We are actively looking to grow the Plentiful Produce Food Cooperative.  If you are interested in opening a new hub closer to you, we will help you do so.  Here are a few things we look for:

  1. Enough interested people.  To get a hub up and going, we need at least 30 contributors each week.  If you are interested, talk to your family, friends and neighbors to see if they are interested!
  2. Someone (or a few people) to run the hub (Volunteer Hub Organizer).  The VHO will be in charge of sorting and basket pick up.  They will also need to make sure enough volunteers come each week to help sort the produce and pass out the baskets.  The VHO for each hub will receive a complimentary basket each week for their efforts.
  3. VHO training.  That’s right, we want to get you trained so you know what to expect.  This typically can be done over the phone and at 1-2 pickups.
  4. A Location.  We need somewhere that a truck can get to, has cover from the elements (somewhere we could potentially go into when it gets cold outside), and can accomadate parking for the contributors when they pick up.
  5. A little time.  Each week you will be putting in a few hours.  The VHO arrives earlier than the volunteers to allow time to review the patron pick up list and help unload the truck.  The VHO is there to instruct volunteers and help assemble baskets, pass out baskets, and break down after pickups are over.